Mugs that Matter

Feeding America

At Sikk Mugs we believe in more than just providing you with a Sikk chariot for your drink, we believe in helping others live that “full cup” life.

German Steins

So we invite you to help us raise a cup to those who can’t. We’re committed to donating 10% of our profits to organizations committed to helping “fill the cups” of those who need it most, those who are struggling to find a reason to raise their cup.

Currently, we are giving to Feeding America and their fight to end hunger.

We also want our mugs to be more than something that sits on the shelf that you use to drink. At Sikk Mugs we’re committed to helping you tell YOUR story, something that represents the uniqueness and awesomeness that is YOU. After all, YOU are not a bland person, so why should your drink chariot be a bland mug?!

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